Friday, September 29, 2006

Go Steelers

I know it has been almost a whole month since I have written and I have only one excuse. It is that it is football season. I love football! I love my Stillers! (Steelers to those who have never been to the western Pennsylvania area) I started out the season this year on the first Thursday night watching the game after my class eating! Yes eating. Not good. Well, I felt good after the game because we pulled out a win but I didn’t feel good about all the chips and salsa I had eaten. The win over-rode my over eating feelings and the next game on a Monday night we lost. Terribly I might add. I had also eaten the same amount of chips and salsa. I felt terrible! I was depressed since we had lost, Ben had played bad and I had overeaten. Ok so I learned my lesson. No more eating during games. Last week I didn’t eat and we still lost. But at least I just yelled at the TV and stomped out after the fumbles and interceptions. Probably burned extra calories. So just because it is football season I still need to live up to my disciplines and continue working at my healthy diet. Watching TV can be a passive activity if you let it be but it can be active if you really get into what you are watching. Remember eating during your favorite show isn’t going to make it a active activity. But if it isn’t a sporting event you are watching then you can make any show active by sitting on a stability ball and crunching. In fact just sitting on the ball will give you some extra core work.