Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saddness for Newtown, CT

This morning my heart goes out to those of the tragedy that struck a small town in Connecticut yesterday.  I am a teacher and so this is very close to my heart. 

The school was safe and locked down.  The teachers knew what to do in case of an attack and they did it ... Some say they are heroes and yes I believe as a parent they were heroes.  But as a teacher I would say ... they were doing what instinctively comes to them ... protecting their students, their kids.  I would have done the same.   

Being also a parent, I remember sending my children off to school each morning and still do.  Everyday our routine would be the same. We would hold hands or I would place my hand on their shoulders and pray.  Even into high school, we would gather and pray for their choices, wisdom, tests, grades, teachers, and most of their safety.

Some say God isn't in the schools and this is why this happened.

This would have happened regardless if the teachers had a official prayer time or King James Bible reading. 

I am a believer and you might think it strange that I don't think the Bible needs to be read or group prayer lead by a teacher.  

Actually God was in that school yesterday.  God is omnipresent, everywhere all the time. 

God is in the hearts of all believers that entered that school or your school.  We as believers carry the Holy Spirit with us and we bring light to the darkness.  

God grieves evil. He holds every tear of all those mourning this day.

You might ask why?  Why did God allow this?  
Or you might ask, what caused Adam to do this?

I have my own opinions about the video games and the music that encourages hate.  But the bottom line is ... evil is in the world.  

But this is 'evil's' only time and it will get worse has we get closer to Christ's return. 

God is still omnipresent, it may not feel like that but He is here and there, and with you right now. 

I'm so sorry for anyone that has to come in contact with evil.