Thursday, September 08, 2011


It was open house tonight at my daughter's high school. She is my youngest and I have three more years of having her home. What I do with that time? It is so important and I know it will go fast ... too fast ...

Her teachers are wonderful, especially one, Mr. M. She has him for two classes and I suspect she will begin to love Latin in a way that most of us never dream of doing. He teaches Latin. He taught her brothers and he continues to be one of the most creative teachers I've ever met. I mean if you can be 15 and love Latin ... the teacher must be a genius!

I've made an assessment tonight at open house ... there are three kinds of teacher: I can say this cause I am a teacher ... well, maybe I have more right since I am a parent ... whatever ... maybe I have no right except to my opinion ... but anyway ... here goes:

Teacher #1 "Teaches because it is their job, they really have no passion for the student, parent, or subject."

Teacher #2 "Relates well to the student, has some passion for the subject, but thinks parents are idiots"

Teacher #3 "Is amazing ... relates to students and then to the parent in a way like none other ... is creative and does everything to see their students succeed. Believes in the students' ability to overcome anything life throws at them, as long as they have a support group. Does not get along with administration."

I think my daughter has a mix of the above teachers and that is good ... she will learn. And so will we...