Thursday, October 04, 2007

King David

One of my favorite people in the Bible is David. He was nobody and God made him somebody. And David gave God all the credit. But David was still a man and he made mistakes. The biggest one was with Bathsheba. How could someone who had it all still want more? AND want so much more he would kill for it. If you are not sure of the story let me refresh your memory. Here is David the King of Israel, with a big palace and all the women he could ever want. But one night he is looking out over his kingdom and he sees the beautiful woman, Bathsheba. He has to have her. So David inquires to who and what? She is married to Uriah the Hittite, and is his only wife.

Oh well, David moves on to someone else right?

Not so … He commits adultery and to cover it up, he sends Uriah to fight in the front lines of the war. A not to safe place and as you might have guessed he dies. David then takes Bathsheba as his wife and they live happily ever after … right?

Not so … David’s family falls apart and he loses a child.

The shining moment in all this is that when his mentor, Nathan confronts David about his sin, he confesses and God forgives him. But the damage is already done. Uriah is dead, David has lost a child and his children are rebelling against him. I love the way Nathan does it too. He doesn’t come right out and say David you messed up, you made a big mistake but instead tells him a story about a man and his only sheep. David wanting to help out the little guy immediately wants to bring this offender to justice. Only to find out “he is that man.” It is great story and I know I left out lots of details so you might want to read it for yourself. You will find it in 2 Samuel 11 & 12.

So why am I writing this in a blog about fitness. We all have our own Bathshebas. They just take different forms sometimes. That piece of cake is not something you need … pass it by and become all God wants you to be.

Monday, October 01, 2007


Well, we have had a new addition to our family! Sophia! Just look at her isn't she cute. But I am walking her at least once a day ... sometimes twice a day. I had slacked off since our older dog Shelby who is now 13, didn't need walked as much. Now even she is complaining about all the walking. My husband and I take a late night walk around 9:30 and Shelby whines the whole way. She says things like,"That puppy came along and my pack leaders think I need to walk more. Don't they realize I'm in my 80's?" (Of course we are the only ones that can hear her.)
Now you may ask what does that have to do with Cardio? Well, lots. I have been walking so much more and I think I'm losing weight. My clothes are fitting better and my legs are looking smoother. As much weight lifting and aerobics I do, one wouldn't think that a little walking the dog would truly improve my fitness, but it has.
So what do I say?
Do it all and you need it all! You need cardio, strength training, pilates/core training, balance training, relaxation (yoga, etc ..) and then of course add some walking in to your daily routine; your house might be a mess but you'll have a great body.