Friday, November 26, 2010

My Become Story

I have tried many products through direct sales and the cosmetic counters at Macy’s.  Like most women I want to stave off the effects age as on my skin.  I can control how my figure looks through diet and exercise but my skin is another thing.  So I was almost willing to do anything for a younger looking complexion, almost even taking a second mortgage. 
I knew I was spending too much money on over the counter products from the department stores; and I knew when all the free gifts were coming so I could stock up on my products.  But every time “free gift time” came around I spent so much money that I felt like I was actually buying gifts for the entire cosmetic company. Free gift is a great gimmick; give you something that you might use or maybe just keep giving you eyemake-up remover.  Any way, you think you are getting this great deal that comes in such a pretty package but what really happens is most women spend way too much money at “free gift time.”  And never use half the free gift.  
My daughter in law asked if I wanted to go to this “home party” with her.  Actually, I did not and when I heard it was skin care, I tried to think how I could get out of going.  I knew I had already tried that route and thought if the high priced French stuff couldn’t prevent the lines I was finding, and more every time I looked, then some direct sales company wasn’t going to take care of them either.  I was very much a skeptic and liked receiving my so called ‘free gift’ even though I had too many of the same things. (and it cost an arm and leg) But the love I have for my daughter in law won over and I went.  That turned out to be not only skin changing, but life changing. That was in November of 2009.
I started using ‘become’ but still trying to use up the abundance of skin care I owned.  Also I booked a clinic of my own for the new year.  I really liked the ‘become’ line but didn’t see much of a difference.  I know all to well that everyone’s DNA is different so I thought, “maybe I will just have to deal with the grey skin and lines.” 
Now I want to remind you here that I was still using the “other” products.  I was trying not to be wasteful so I needed to use them and not just throw them away.  I did notice that when I used only my ‘become’ products my skin did look better.  And I remembered the advisor, Jen, that sold me my products said that I could mix and match; but then again I also knew from my previous job that the products from one company work better together. 
The reality hit me after my first clinic hosted at my home, I told Jen I needed cover-up, she asked me, “You do use ‘become’s’ eye cream, right?”  I said, “Yes, but not consistently, I am still using up the other stuff.”  That was when I made the decision to stop using everything else.  And in a few days the line began to truly change my skin and I noticed that my eyesight seem to clear too. (I really have no reason to that but the cloudiness I so often experience was gone, maybe it was the parbins [preservatives in cosmetics] in the other products) I threw or gave away all the other products and then booked another clinic cause I was not only going to need to restock sooner but when I hosted it was like “free gift time” … for real. 
But how did I join become? I mean I was really fed up with the direct sales business and I didn’t want to put that pressure on my friends and family to have parties for me.  Actually the way it all happened was a ‘God Thing.’  A friend of mine was hosting a clinic.  I actually hadn’t gotten anything free from her hosting.  She had contacted Jen on her own and had worked it all out.  But she was having problems getting a date to jive with her schedule and all of the ladies in class.  It ended up being a book party.  And since she went on vacation in the middle of it all, I did all the work of collecting and delivering orders to Jennifer.  I thought this is stupid.  I should just sell the product.  And that is the life changing part.  I can’t believe how excited I am to be working the business, to be sharing the “become anti aging” products with everyone.   I love preparing for the clinics and really I can’t believe how easy it is to make money.  These first few months have been great but also stretching.  I am not leaning on friends and family for sales, I am truly introducing “become” to people whom have never heard of the company.  At the end of my first month I received a paycheck from the company for over $500.00.  I was truly amazed.  
I admit that since I want to be a success at my business I have had to invest some money but I know it will pay off in the end.  Funny thing the money I invested was not buying “become” it was other stuff to get things going. 
But the paycheck isn’t the only thing that has happened to me.   I am more energized and calmer about my future.  My husband said that he can see that this is the right direction for me since I seem to have a peace about me.  Our lives are constantly changing, in fact, my husband just came home today with news of other possible major change in our lives.