Monday, October 04, 2010

The Pains of Modern Technology

Well, I have completely moved to MAC more PCs ... no more crashes ... just ease in whatever I do on my computers ... haha ... what a joke! What I failed to realize is that I live in a PC world and so my printer doesn't always seem to get along with my MAC ... and some of my Office software gives me a headache! Oh well ... my MAC is much better than any PC I ever owned, so no more complaining about that ... and my DROID is working today ... well, gee I haven't even picked it up yet off the charge stand, so that is "maybe" ....
But that isn't the real pain of modern technology,  Electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) can cause us 100 times more stress than past generations ever had.  Ok, I know you might be skeptical and I must admit I was unsure too when my son started telling me about EMF.  I can't see the signals created by my microwaves, wireless networks, cell phones, TVs, GPS, computers, radio, power lines... the list is long, but I know  and you know they are out there.  I mean just think when I call someone on my cell, it goes somewhere and connects ... and then connects to their phone ...  something is moving out there!  So I thought why not?

My son told me about a natural path in McMurray, Dr. Val Nelson, who sold EMF Jewelry.  I decided to try it and wore it about six weeks.  I didn't see any change but wore it away since I was wearing it I thought ... it isn't hurting anything .... then something happened and I decided to write her and let her know about the change I was experiencing in my body.   Here is my story ....

Dear Dr. Val,

I must admit I was unsure when my son showed me the EMF Protective Jewelry but not skeptical since I know you have such expertise in the areas of health and wellness.  So I decided to try wearing it for awhile to see if had a change in my body.  At the time I began wearing my beautiful piece of EMF Jewelry, my weekly massages were coming to an end.  My massage therapist always said that I was very tight and irritated under my scapula.  I am a Fitness Professional and so my body takes a beating and at age 52 I do not seem to rid my body of the toxins that exercise leaves behind.   I did have a lot of upper back pain and the therapist told me that is where I would carry the stress from life.  I thought it was just weight training.  Little did I know that the frequencies from modern technology were affecting me more than the lactic acid left behind after class.  

I continued to wear my my pendant even though I didn't see much change ... it isn't hurting I thought ... then I decided to treat myself to a massage since it had been six weeks since my last one.  I prepared for the pain as I laid on the table face down but knew that the therapist was helping my body rid itself of the toxins I had been storing.  Much to my surprise she seemed to move through my problem areas without much difficulty and even commented that I seemed looser then normal.  Afterwards, since my therapist didn't have any appointments we went to the mall together.  As we were walking through I asked her, "Gee, I wasn't as tight as normal and it didn't hurt as much today, were you going easy on me?"  

She replied, "no. What are you doing different?"

Then it hit me ... only one thing had changed, I pulled out my pendant, showed her and said, "this is the only difference, my EMF Jewelry from Dr. Val!" 

"Wow" was the reply... and wow it is ... I wear it all the time now ... I even sleep with it around my neck and I can't wait till Christmas since I told everyone I want EMF Jewelry from Dr. Val Nelson as a gift! 

Here are some facts about EMF frequencies:

Well-known cardiologist, Dr. Sinatra believes there is a strong connection with heart disease, cancer and high cholesterol because of these EMF signals. (
Researchers suspect artificial EMFs cause sleep problems.
There is a growing body of research showing EMFs have a negative impact on melatonin production in the body.  (

Here are some facts about EMF Protective Jewelry:

Users report having more energy, feeling happier, being more centered and grounded.   Many have noticed pain reduction.
Deeper sleep is reported along with clearer thinking. (
More efficient stress management.
ADD and ADHD patients are calmer and are more focused

I don't completely understand all this but I know there is a difference in my body.  And in the same way I don't completely understand God but I know He is out there and He is always working.   Maybe it is all just a FAITH thing ...