Thursday, November 01, 2012

Great Expectations

All my life I have been a dreamer!  I have dreamt of having horses in my backyard, bay windows in my home, a loving husband, acting on stage, a happy life ... All those things had come true and I thought life was great!  I had other dreams but even though they weren't fulfilled I was ok ... 

      the walls of my life 


 I didn't think things could get worse but in less then a month's time I was beaten and was hurting ... during the next 3-4 years I turned from God and focused only on comforting myself. 

But .... it didn't help ... there was no comfort.

                            Through counseling and love, God brought back to his side. 

I am so grateful today for his LOVE.

So fast forward to present ... life is good .. not the best but we are happy, healthy, and living life to the fullest ... so I thought.  

Then I read a 'new to me' devotion ... Girlfriends in God .. and first I read yesterdays and it blew me away .. just what I needed to hear ... oh I knew it ... I had heard it before, but today God opened my eyes and I was wowed! All that stuff I had gone through before was the devil's schemes ... yes I fell flat on my face and really messed up but God had now brought be back to His side.   


So I don't want to fall again but I know how weak I am ... I can't do this life without His GRACE! 

So that brings me to GREAT EXPECTATIONS..... 

I used to have such great expectations, everyone laughed at me.  I would use references of Joseph and his brothers ... not even realizing for a minute that I was Joseph, that arrogant little brother. Then God allowed me to break and I did.  

For HIS purposes , I am broken and continue to be broken.

Now life is so so ... I am not expecting anything from GOD ... just to get up and make it through my boring life.  What ever He has for me ... whether it be a struggle or good ... 

OK GOD ... I'm your puppet.


This is not what the Lord wants for me ... John 10:10 ... 'I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.'

I realized that I am not expecting my relationship to be what it should with God ... Thanks to GIG, my eyes have been opened to truth.  And I am putting on the full armor of God.  (Oct 31,2012 devotion) 

Look at this way ... you are getting to meet your favorite president and be in a friendship with him ... wouldn't that be exciting? ... wouldn't you have expectations?  

Just meeting him would be GREAT!  
You wouldn't go .. oh yeah ... I'm going to have coffee with George Washington    
..big deal...  

no you would not! 

It would be a 

...BIG DEAL...

So that brings me to now ... what am expecting my relationship to be with God?  


I know He will fulfill His purposes in me and they won't be boring!  

Check out girlfriends in God ...