Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Cold Already Gotcha?

Germs, germs … everywhere!  EEEKKKK

“Where is my antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer?  I can’t live without it and I never leave home without my trusty travel size sanitizer, I mean with all these super germs you would be crazy to go anywhere without it.”   

This seems to be the latest Mom mantra. You see it them with their kids using their sanitizer in McDonalds, at the mall, or on the playground.   Have you seen the pumps of hand sanitizer at your office, school, or church?  I have, these protective pumps are everywhere and it seems like a good thing right?  But I not so sure, my own mom’s mantra was, “you can get to much of a good thing!”  She was right on many occasions, like the time I ate too much junk food at the circus.   The ride home was not a pretty one.   Or the time I insisted on spending that extra night at my girlfriend’s house.  I got sick of her and her mom got sick of me!  And the one I remember best; I wanted to spend another weekend with my boyfriend at his college, … she died that weekend …

But really my point here is not my guilt over my mom’s death it is my guilt over helping to create super germs!  Yes, I admit I have used antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer too much to which my hands turned red and ached when the cold hit my glove-less skin.  I think that when we replace the use of just plain warm water and soap with super antibacterial soaps and sanitizers we just make the germs fight harder to stay alive.  Then we end up with these so-called ‘super’ germs, and red chapped hands.  So what do we do to combat the many germs out there that are spread from person to person with just a handshake or even a hand bump? 

First we go back to plain Ivory soap and warm water.  And you ask why?  Well, these new hand sanitizing products that effectively kill 99.9% of germs, sounds like a good thing but in actuality, the body needs certain bacteria. When antibacterial hand washes are used on a daily basis, the good bacteria that are responsible for fighting the germs that make us sick also die in with the bad.  There are medical studies that have found that the use of antibacterial soap and sanitizers have increased the amount of bacterial found on the hands.  The body knows something is missing and so it doesn’t fight the bad bacterial on its own rather it weakens and bad bacterial strengthens.  

So the first thing is to teach your children and yourself that plain soap and water used correctly will clean your hands of the germs that really don’t belong there.  Plus an orange oil scrub or lotion can be helpful in preventing infection.  As an antiseptic, it can inhibit microbial growth and prevent infection in cuts or scrapes. Orange essential oil efficiently tackles the problem of colds and flu. It detoxifies the body and boosts the lymphatic system. At the same time, it also takes care of the collagen formation in the skin. It is known to possess antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, sedative and antiseptic therapeutic properties.

Become has just a scrub and lotion.  I have heard of my clients’ hands healing in a matter of days.  A friend of mine even commented on how her eczema has almost completely disappeared.  Both men and women have benefited from the purity of our Hand Smoothing Complex, followed with the Rejuvenating Hand Cream.  Used daily, through the winter, these products, can alleviate your red, chapped hands and even encourage collagen regeneration in the thinning layers of your dermis layer. 

(Remember these are from my personal experiences and I do not claim to hold any medical degree, but really my customers will tell you, they have never experienced a better product that is so healing with this early wave of cold we have had this year.)

Friday, November 26, 2010

My Become Story

I have tried many products through direct sales and the cosmetic counters at Macy’s.  Like most women I want to stave off the effects age as on my skin.  I can control how my figure looks through diet and exercise but my skin is another thing.  So I was almost willing to do anything for a younger looking complexion, almost even taking a second mortgage. 
I knew I was spending too much money on over the counter products from the department stores; and I knew when all the free gifts were coming so I could stock up on my products.  But every time “free gift time” came around I spent so much money that I felt like I was actually buying gifts for the entire cosmetic company. Free gift is a great gimmick; give you something that you might use or maybe just keep giving you eyemake-up remover.  Any way, you think you are getting this great deal that comes in such a pretty package but what really happens is most women spend way too much money at “free gift time.”  And never use half the free gift.  
My daughter in law asked if I wanted to go to this “home party” with her.  Actually, I did not and when I heard it was skin care, I tried to think how I could get out of going.  I knew I had already tried that route and thought if the high priced French stuff couldn’t prevent the lines I was finding, and more every time I looked, then some direct sales company wasn’t going to take care of them either.  I was very much a skeptic and liked receiving my so called ‘free gift’ even though I had too many of the same things. (and it cost an arm and leg) But the love I have for my daughter in law won over and I went.  That turned out to be not only skin changing, but life changing. That was in November of 2009.
I started using ‘become’ but still trying to use up the abundance of skin care I owned.  Also I booked a clinic of my own for the new year.  I really liked the ‘become’ line but didn’t see much of a difference.  I know all to well that everyone’s DNA is different so I thought, “maybe I will just have to deal with the grey skin and lines.” 
Now I want to remind you here that I was still using the “other” products.  I was trying not to be wasteful so I needed to use them and not just throw them away.  I did notice that when I used only my ‘become’ products my skin did look better.  And I remembered the advisor, Jen, that sold me my products said that I could mix and match; but then again I also knew from my previous job that the products from one company work better together. 
The reality hit me after my first clinic hosted at my home, I told Jen I needed cover-up, she asked me, “You do use ‘become’s’ eye cream, right?”  I said, “Yes, but not consistently, I am still using up the other stuff.”  That was when I made the decision to stop using everything else.  And in a few days the line began to truly change my skin and I noticed that my eyesight seem to clear too. (I really have no reason to that but the cloudiness I so often experience was gone, maybe it was the parbins [preservatives in cosmetics] in the other products) I threw or gave away all the other products and then booked another clinic cause I was not only going to need to restock sooner but when I hosted it was like “free gift time” … for real. 
But how did I join become? I mean I was really fed up with the direct sales business and I didn’t want to put that pressure on my friends and family to have parties for me.  Actually the way it all happened was a ‘God Thing.’  A friend of mine was hosting a clinic.  I actually hadn’t gotten anything free from her hosting.  She had contacted Jen on her own and had worked it all out.  But she was having problems getting a date to jive with her schedule and all of the ladies in class.  It ended up being a book party.  And since she went on vacation in the middle of it all, I did all the work of collecting and delivering orders to Jennifer.  I thought this is stupid.  I should just sell the product.  And that is the life changing part.  I can’t believe how excited I am to be working the business, to be sharing the “become anti aging” products with everyone.   I love preparing for the clinics and really I can’t believe how easy it is to make money.  These first few months have been great but also stretching.  I am not leaning on friends and family for sales, I am truly introducing “become” to people whom have never heard of the company.  At the end of my first month I received a paycheck from the company for over $500.00.  I was truly amazed.  
I admit that since I want to be a success at my business I have had to invest some money but I know it will pay off in the end.  Funny thing the money I invested was not buying “become” it was other stuff to get things going. 
But the paycheck isn’t the only thing that has happened to me.   I am more energized and calmer about my future.  My husband said that he can see that this is the right direction for me since I seem to have a peace about me.  Our lives are constantly changing, in fact, my husband just came home today with news of other possible major change in our lives.

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Pains of Modern Technology

Well, I have completely moved to MAC ...no more PCs ... no more crashes ... just ease in whatever I do on my computers ... haha ... what a joke! What I failed to realize is that I live in a PC world and so my printer doesn't always seem to get along with my MAC ... and some of my Office software gives me a headache! Oh well ... my MAC is much better than any PC I ever owned, so no more complaining about that ... and my DROID is working today ... well, gee I haven't even picked it up yet off the charge stand, so that is "maybe" ....
But that isn't the real pain of modern technology,  Electro-magnetic frequencies (EMF) can cause us 100 times more stress than past generations ever had.  Ok, I know you might be skeptical and I must admit I was unsure too when my son started telling me about EMF.  I can't see the signals created by my microwaves, wireless networks, cell phones, TVs, GPS, computers, radio, power lines... the list is long, but I know  and you know they are out there.  I mean just think when I call someone on my cell, it goes somewhere and connects ... and then connects to their phone ...  something is moving out there!  So I thought why not?

My son told me about a natural path in McMurray, Dr. Val Nelson, who sold EMF Jewelry.  I decided to try it and wore it about six weeks.  I didn't see any change but wore it away since I was wearing it I thought ... it isn't hurting anything .... then something happened and I decided to write her and let her know about the change I was experiencing in my body.   Here is my story ....

Dear Dr. Val,

I must admit I was unsure when my son showed me the EMF Protective Jewelry but not skeptical since I know you have such expertise in the areas of health and wellness.  So I decided to try wearing it for awhile to see if had a change in my body.  At the time I began wearing my beautiful piece of EMF Jewelry, my weekly massages were coming to an end.  My massage therapist always said that I was very tight and irritated under my scapula.  I am a Fitness Professional and so my body takes a beating and at age 52 I do not seem to rid my body of the toxins that exercise leaves behind.   I did have a lot of upper back pain and the therapist told me that is where I would carry the stress from life.  I thought it was just weight training.  Little did I know that the frequencies from modern technology were affecting me more than the lactic acid left behind after class.  

I continued to wear my my pendant even though I didn't see much change ... it isn't hurting I thought ... then I decided to treat myself to a massage since it had been six weeks since my last one.  I prepared for the pain as I laid on the table face down but knew that the therapist was helping my body rid itself of the toxins I had been storing.  Much to my surprise she seemed to move through my problem areas without much difficulty and even commented that I seemed looser then normal.  Afterwards, since my therapist didn't have any appointments we went to the mall together.  As we were walking through I asked her, "Gee, I wasn't as tight as normal and it didn't hurt as much today, were you going easy on me?"  

She replied, "no. What are you doing different?"

Then it hit me ... only one thing had changed, I pulled out my pendant, showed her and said, "this is the only difference, my EMF Jewelry from Dr. Val!" 

"Wow" was the reply... and wow it is ... I wear it all the time now ... I even sleep with it around my neck and I can't wait till Christmas since I told everyone I want EMF Jewelry from Dr. Val Nelson as a gift! 

Here are some facts about EMF frequencies:

Well-known cardiologist, Dr. Sinatra believes there is a strong connection with heart disease, cancer and high cholesterol because of these EMF signals. (http://www.doctorvalerienelson.com/EMF-Jewelry.html)
Researchers suspect artificial EMFs cause sleep problems.
There is a growing body of research showing EMFs have a negative impact on melatonin production in the body.  (http://www.magnopro-usa.com/harmful-manmade-emfs.htm)

Here are some facts about EMF Protective Jewelry:

Users report having more energy, feeling happier, being more centered and grounded.   Many have noticed pain reduction.
Deeper sleep is reported along with clearer thinking. (http://www.doctorvalerienelson.com/EMF-Jewelry.html)
More efficient stress management.
ADD and ADHD patients are calmer and are more focused

I don't completely understand all this but I know there is a difference in my body.  And in the same way I don't completely understand God but I know He is out there and He is always working.   Maybe it is all just a FAITH thing ...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I was going through the clutter in my house ... I read today that the clutter in your house defines who you are on the inside; according to Feng Shui. Yeah I am pretty cluttered inside! All those organs and guts just jammed in there. I am kinda glad that all my parts are in such a small space. I would look pretty ridiculas if everything was organized according to Feng Shui. My heart would always have to face the door or my ears might have to be on the same side of my head. Now I have nothing against Feng Shui, after all it is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics which is the critical reflection on art, culture and nature. I love nature, I think I am culturer, and I am artsy. Ok my logic is a little off and this isn't what this note was to be about anyway ...

So I was going through the clutter and I found this for those who love fast foods ... I can't eat them anymore and I am frankly glad that the temptation isn't present ... especially after reading this ...

What's In a McNugget?

Good News: A McDonald's chicken nugget does contain chicken. But it's not the main ingredient--not even close. A McNugget is made up of 38 ingredients, mostly chemicals and corn derivatives. In total a McNugget is 56 percent corn products. But 0.02 percent is teritary butylhydroquinone, a petroleum byproduct used as a preservative. TBHQ is actually a form of butane also known as lighter fluid.

Maybe they should change the name to Grilled Chicken McNuggets.

(from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, July 7, 2010)