Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Winter Cold Already Gotcha?

Germs, germs … everywhere!  EEEKKKK

“Where is my antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer?  I can’t live without it and I never leave home without my trusty travel size sanitizer, I mean with all these super germs you would be crazy to go anywhere without it.”   

This seems to be the latest Mom mantra. You see it them with their kids using their sanitizer in McDonalds, at the mall, or on the playground.   Have you seen the pumps of hand sanitizer at your office, school, or church?  I have, these protective pumps are everywhere and it seems like a good thing right?  But I not so sure, my own mom’s mantra was, “you can get to much of a good thing!”  She was right on many occasions, like the time I ate too much junk food at the circus.   The ride home was not a pretty one.   Or the time I insisted on spending that extra night at my girlfriend’s house.  I got sick of her and her mom got sick of me!  And the one I remember best; I wanted to spend another weekend with my boyfriend at his college, … she died that weekend …

But really my point here is not my guilt over my mom’s death it is my guilt over helping to create super germs!  Yes, I admit I have used antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer too much to which my hands turned red and ached when the cold hit my glove-less skin.  I think that when we replace the use of just plain warm water and soap with super antibacterial soaps and sanitizers we just make the germs fight harder to stay alive.  Then we end up with these so-called ‘super’ germs, and red chapped hands.  So what do we do to combat the many germs out there that are spread from person to person with just a handshake or even a hand bump? 

First we go back to plain Ivory soap and warm water.  And you ask why?  Well, these new hand sanitizing products that effectively kill 99.9% of germs, sounds like a good thing but in actuality, the body needs certain bacteria. When antibacterial hand washes are used on a daily basis, the good bacteria that are responsible for fighting the germs that make us sick also die in with the bad.  There are medical studies that have found that the use of antibacterial soap and sanitizers have increased the amount of bacterial found on the hands.  The body knows something is missing and so it doesn’t fight the bad bacterial on its own rather it weakens and bad bacterial strengthens.  

So the first thing is to teach your children and yourself that plain soap and water used correctly will clean your hands of the germs that really don’t belong there.  Plus an orange oil scrub or lotion can be helpful in preventing infection.  As an antiseptic, it can inhibit microbial growth and prevent infection in cuts or scrapes. Orange essential oil efficiently tackles the problem of colds and flu. It detoxifies the body and boosts the lymphatic system. At the same time, it also takes care of the collagen formation in the skin. It is known to possess antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, sedative and antiseptic therapeutic properties.

Become has just a scrub and lotion.  I have heard of my clients’ hands healing in a matter of days.  A friend of mine even commented on how her eczema has almost completely disappeared.  Both men and women have benefited from the purity of our Hand Smoothing Complex, followed with the Rejuvenating Hand Cream.  Used daily, through the winter, these products, can alleviate your red, chapped hands and even encourage collagen regeneration in the thinning layers of your dermis layer. 

(Remember these are from my personal experiences and I do not claim to hold any medical degree, but really my customers will tell you, they have never experienced a better product that is so healing with this early wave of cold we have had this year.)