Friday, July 13, 2007

Walking Everywhere

Well, it has been a great and restful week .... I even think I lost a little weight. I really think what did it was all the walking. I must have walked to and from the beach three to four times a day. That is about 250 steps one way. We also took walks on the beach in the morning and at night. We didn't get the time alone as much as we thought we would but that what happens when you have kids.
When we get back we will be getting a puppy so my husband and I decided that we will be doing more walking ... where and when ... still has yet to be decided. I think what I love the most about the beach is the time to walk so I am hoping that when we do get home we will make more time for walking.
Thanks to God for the wonderful week of rest and connection to Him and my husband.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life is Slow

Dial up. How did we ever live through it? Back before high speed internet we would sit and wait while the page would load. And then we would be amazed at what would appear before our eyes. Good thing that here at the beach I have the time to just sit and wait for my email to load because that is about all I can view since the internet is so advanced, the bandwidth of dial up isn't sufficient enough.

You know something ... dial up reminds me of losing weight. You have wait ... you exercise, cut calories and nothing ... and then you wait some more. But just like a page on the internet while using dial up, eventually you see results. Slowly your clothes are a little loser and you are feeling a little lighter on your feet. I wish losing weight was more like high speed.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Beautiful Boring Day

The sun is shining and I am just getting ready to go for my walk on the beach. I walk so much more here than at home. I think I really love the openness of the beach and not the tree coverage of the trail. Also I have no real fear of getting run over by a bike. Although there are plenty of bikes on the beach but there is so much room at low tide. I do miss taking my dog for walks and I think that Shelby would love the beach.

We are having a good time here ... we are bored but it is a good thing. Our son is having a good time too although he is coming in a little early ... I never thought I would say that! His girifriend has a curfew and so he is happy to spend time with mom and dad. And what makes this worse is we have no high speed internet. So he has really nothing to do! Well, I will just have to tell my husband that we need another trip and it will be just the two of us.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

The Pains

Wow it feels great to finally rest. That's right we managed to somehow take a vacation. It is the 25th year of marital bliss for us and so we were going to take this romantic vacation to some secluded island alone. But because of government red tape we didn't think our passports would arrive in time so we opted for Hilton Head Island ... Not the most exotic place but at least we would be alone. We prayed and searched the internet for a place and found the pickins slim. So out of panic we booked a place ... nice .... perfect for two. Then the surprise ...our oldest son's girlfriend would be at Hilton Head at the same time. Well who could resist those big blue eyes so he is sleeping on our couch ... and eating dinner with us and lunch, and did I mention his girlfriend is eating with too. So much for being alone. Happy 25th honey .... I think we will get some time alone if we give them some money for a movie.