Monday, February 29, 2016

In Memory of Joan E. Young

Joan was a part of my life for probably 58 years.  First she held me in the nursery at church, later taught me in Sunday School, then when I was an acolyte, she would fix my robe before I would leave the choir room.  Later when she married my dad she became my step mom ... the word step mom can bring bad thoughts to one's mind in the world of Disney ...

but I'm really not a princess.  

She helped me, a 20 something grow into a strong young woman by giving me space and teaching me to clean the hair trap in the bathtub!  Yeah she hated when I was a slob. 

Later at my wedding she was the mother of the bride, then most importantly to her she became the grandmother of my children.  She doted on my boys Michael and Peter, babysitting often.  Joan bought them their first suit then taught them to be respectful young men.  When the children were babies she would often take them and disappear, teaching and loving on them.  

We called her the baby-napper.  

When my husband, Ken and I were thinking of adopting a daughter, she said, "there's always room in her heart to love one more!"  

That is who Joan was, always finding room for one more.  

She loved and doted on Theresa as much as the boys.  Just this past fall she got to hold her first great-grandchild, Adelia and I saw that twinkle in her eyes once more ...

The baby-napper had returned.   

My dad said she picked up strays, as he often referred to himself.  Family and inclusiveness was important to her, no one was ever left out, even if she didn't agree with your politics, you knew you were always included with Joan.  

One thing she always wanted to know was how my brothers were doing.   She wanted me to have a close relationship with them because she knew that family was all you had, besides God in your life and that was important.  As the years went on and my relationships got somewhat better with my brothers it made her happy because she wanted to me to always have family. 

Her legacy is one of love, compassion and bringing people together.  

May 2, 1930 ~ February 13, 2016 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Need You In CLASS!

So you started an exercise class? Your instructor was great! She was energetic and fun!  You notice that class is large and everyone is engaged.  Leaving the class you think wow that instructor is great and that was a great class!  

Well, let me say YOU may be the reason that the instructor was great!  

I've been teaching 30 years and I have learned that it isn't all about me.  I need you in my class!  

When I new person walks in to my class, I'm nervous but also excited of what that person might bring to my class.   New participates coming into class will pump up the energy in the room, just by them being there.   So the next time you are starting out to a new exercise class and think you are going to be nervous or feel awkward, 

know this, just by you being there ... 

the energy level will go up.  

Energy in a fitness is class is a good thing! You need it to make the class motivating for all participates.  

I will teach my scheduled classes if there is 1 person there or I will teach it if there are 100 people there!  I know if you came to class, you were expecting to exercise, so I won't let you down. But the class is more enjoyable for all when it is a full class. 


When you can't make it to class know you that you are missed!  The more the merrier! 

When the class is filled,  the energy is up as well.  The instructor gets pumped and so will you.  So if you are thinking of skipping class today...

... DON'T!