Thursday, September 16, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I was going through the clutter in my house ... I read today that the clutter in your house defines who you are on the inside; according to Feng Shui. Yeah I am pretty cluttered inside! All those organs and guts just jammed in there. I am kinda glad that all my parts are in such a small space. I would look pretty ridiculas if everything was organized according to Feng Shui. My heart would always have to face the door or my ears might have to be on the same side of my head. Now I have nothing against Feng Shui, after all it is an ancient Chinese system of aesthetics which is the critical reflection on art, culture and nature. I love nature, I think I am culturer, and I am artsy. Ok my logic is a little off and this isn't what this note was to be about anyway ...

So I was going through the clutter and I found this for those who love fast foods ... I can't eat them anymore and I am frankly glad that the temptation isn't present ... especially after reading this ...

What's In a McNugget?

Good News: A McDonald's chicken nugget does contain chicken. But it's not the main ingredient--not even close. A McNugget is made up of 38 ingredients, mostly chemicals and corn derivatives. In total a McNugget is 56 percent corn products. But 0.02 percent is teritary butylhydroquinone, a petroleum byproduct used as a preservative. TBHQ is actually a form of butane also known as lighter fluid.

Maybe they should change the name to Grilled Chicken McNuggets.

(from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader, July 7, 2010)