Tuesday, January 26, 2016

I Need You In CLASS!

So you started an exercise class? Your instructor was great! She was energetic and fun!  You notice that class is large and everyone is engaged.  Leaving the class you think wow that instructor is great and that was a great class!  

Well, let me say YOU may be the reason that the instructor was great!  

I've been teaching 30 years and I have learned that it isn't all about me.  I need you in my class!  

When I new person walks in to my class, I'm nervous but also excited of what that person might bring to my class.   New participates coming into class will pump up the energy in the room, just by them being there.   So the next time you are starting out to a new exercise class and think you are going to be nervous or feel awkward, 

know this, just by you being there ... 

the energy level will go up.  

Energy in a fitness is class is a good thing! You need it to make the class motivating for all participates.  

I will teach my scheduled classes if there is 1 person there or I will teach it if there are 100 people there!  I know if you came to class, you were expecting to exercise, so I won't let you down. But the class is more enjoyable for all when it is a full class. 


When you can't make it to class know you that you are missed!  The more the merrier! 

When the class is filled,  the energy is up as well.  The instructor gets pumped and so will you.  So if you are thinking of skipping class today...

... DON'T!  


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