Saturday, October 03, 2015

Drama in the News... CNN .. MSNBC .. FOX oh my who do I watch?

I have had many thoughts about this week's shooting ... I have listened to opinions on both sides.  I've heard the sheriff, John Hanlin state that he will not use the shooter's name ... and now many news medias are not using his name as well. But we all know it ... and with that said ... I just think we are graving drama in this country.  How many of you follow these stories?  I mean I do, so I'm not pointing any fingers but I think that is the problem.  We have too much access to what is going on immediately.  Just turn on the TV and there it is... instantly anyone who commits one of these horrific crimes, is all over the TV, even if their names aren't mentioned.  We will find their name and everything about them.  We will remember it for our lifetime and so we will have helped them succeed in their quest for being 'someone' for eternity.

I heard a quote from a convicted serial killer.  Travis Forbes... he killed one young woman in Denver and almost killed another in Fort Collins.  He said, "society is addicted to drama and that every tragic story presented by the media feeds the monster."  We DO feed that monster ... HOW do we change this?  WE can't reclaim TV or the 4 channels most of us grew up with. Technology is here to stay.  Not by changing the laws or by promoting mental health legislation because we all know that takes time.  So we need a solution NOW ...  we can change things by realizing everyone wants to be needed and loved.  If we can do that in our own homes and neighborhoods, I believe we can make a difference for the future in this society.   It starts with you ... Will you make the difference?

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